Carpooling parking in Orthevielle with MATERRUP solutions

 This area has been specially designed to create a safe and convenient space for drivers and passengers.

🚗 Greater consistency in local mobility : the Community of Communes of Pays d'Orthe and Arrigans has established a convergence point with a dedicated carpooling area between city access points, roads, and highways in the COMMUNE OF ORTHEVIELLE. .

💪Because providing practical and structurally sound amenities wasn't enough, the community of communes opted for sustainable development to make this highly functional space more pleasant, virtuous, and aesthetically pleasing: :

 660 m² of MATERRUP Low Carbon Grass Pavers: for permeable parking spaces that combat heat islands and flooding
 110 m² of MATERRUP Low Carbon Brushed Concrete: for secure and aesthetic pedestrian spaces
➡ Extruded concrete to delineate differentiated areas
➡ Landscaping designed to integrate this area into a natural environment at the city entrance

 Thanks to MCC1 cement, nothing changes in implementation:
👌 Same performance and resistance as conventional concrete
👌 Same machinery for application
👌 Same speed of implementation
👌 Concrete usable for immediate demolding

Always with our #MCC1 cement: :
🌍 -50% CO2 
🌍  -50% energy consumed
🪙 Economical solution with French (and Landes) manufacturing
♻️ Material derived from locally sourced non-calcined clay waste in circular economy
✨  100% natural color

🏗️ Site: carpooling parking lot  / (Landes-40)
Client :
Project management : PREMIER PLAN Géomètres-Experts
Contractors : Bautiaa TP – Eurovia
Concrete Supplier: DUHALDE BTP – Bétons de Josse

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