A green and resilient factory in the heart of the Landes

The first MCC1® cement production unit, SMCP® Landes, shines in the Southwest to provide low-carbon cements and concretes to local industries through a short supply chain.


By establishing our first production plant in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, we aimed to make tangible, visible, and operational the virtuous development model we endorse : 

These are turnkey SMCP® (Small Modular Cement Plant®) factories.

This regional unit commenced production in February 2022

In local circular economy practices, we reclaim clayey waste from a nearby quarrying partner within 25 km of the production site. Without a kiln or chimney, this SMCP® demonstrates that it is possible to create meaning and value in all territories through technology.

The industrially produced cements and concretes are low-carbon, energy-efficient, certified, and high-performing. These solutions are directly utilized by our partners in their projects in the Landes and Pyrénées Atlantiques regions through a short supply chain.


m² of production space
tons of annual production capacity for low-carbon MCC1® cement




jobs dedicated to production 

Materrup at the heart of the local economy with its partners. 

Fully interchangeable with the practices of our partners, without any change to their habits, our cement and concrete solutions provide a new virtuous and economic alternative on construction sites: doing better with less


Green and resilient: in harmony with its ecosystem

Rapid Deployment
10 months

Rapid Deployment

Less than a year! Transition waits for no one: our Landes factory was built in record time to deliver virtuous solutions for the region.

Rapid Deployment

Renewable energy

The SMCP® Landes consumes neither gas nor oil: only electricity! This is partially supplied by the photovoltaic panels located on the factory's roof.

Faible investissement
25 km

Local raw material

The uncalcined clay used comes from the by-products or waste of our ulta-close partner. We reduce transportation and pollution.

Créateur d'emplois

Recycled raw material

The uncalcined clay from SMCP® Landes comes solely from waste generated by our partner. We do not extract clay for our production, instead, we valorize by-products that would otherwise be unusable in the value chain.

Faible investissement

Non-outsourced jobs

In the Landes region, these are green and industrial jobs, non-outsourced, creating value at the heart of the territory. Our employees contribute to the ecological transition of their community.

Créateur d'emplois

Green industry

Because industry is reinventing itself today to protect tomorrow: our SMCP® Landes meets the requirements of green industry and seamlessly integrates into the natural environment of the Landes forest.

Our local partners in the Southwest of France

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SMCP® Model

 Our resilient economic model is replicable across all territories, in France, Europe, and worldwide. It accelerates the industrial transition towards responsible construction, respecting the planet and safeguarding the future for generations to come.

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CCC® technology

The innovative and patented CCC© technology was developed by MATERRUP for all your construction site needs. Environmentally virtuous with the same mechanical performance as conventional materials, it provides durability and aesthetics to your projects. 

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