MCC1® - Ready-mix concrete

Ready-mix concrete, 
as usual
but so different!

Our Ready-Mixed Concrete (RMC) is suitable for all construction sites : foundations, floorings, and walls - both structural and non-structural - reinforced and non-reinforced.

Materrup Ready-Mixed Concrete is particularly recommended for :

  • Roads and public works: parking lots, retaining walls, bases, safety barriers, curbs, sidewalks, driveways, etc.
  • Outdoor landscaping: decorative concrete, exposed aggregate, quartz finishes, bike paths.
  • Construction: foundations, floorings, walls.

Reportage france 3 MAterrup prouve que le bâtiment peut être moins polluant

Possible construction systems outside technical opinion (HCAN) benefiting from insurability

  • Decorative concretes : exposed, brushed, bush-hammered, etc.
  • Permeable concretes
  • Extruded concrete : safety barriers, channels, curbs, etc.

Structural construction systems achievable within the framework of ATEx of case A and benefiting from insurability : 

  • Foundations
  • Floorings


Certifications flooring & foundations
ATEx type A 

Foundations, floorings, walls

C25/30 - C30/37 -  C35/45

100 ans

Structural & NA 

Reinforced & NA

Exposure classes
XC4, XF1 & XF3

Our read-mix concrete is 
100%  substituable

No need to purchase tools or machines

No additional cost

No overdosing

No over-reinforcing

No additional time on your construction sites

No team training required

Same concrete batching plants

Same trucks & concrete pump trucks

Same workability

Same early-age setting

Same possibilities for admixture

Same implementation

Same cost-effectiveness

Our decorative concretes 

Materrup, in collaboration with its industrial partners, produces ready-mixed concrete based on uncalcined clay. Explore our range of decorative concretes

Brushed concrete

Type of concrete : 
Clay concrete MCC1®

béton bouchardé

Bush-hammered concrete

Type of concrete : 
Clay concrete MCC1®

béton désactivé

Exposed aggregate concrete

Type of concrete : 
Clay concrete MCC1®

finition terrazo

Terrazzo finish

Type of concrete : 
Clay concrete MCC1®

Learn more about  
our industrial partners 

| Bâtiland Etchegintza Matériaux

| Bâtiland Etchegintza Matériaux

Materrup et Etchegintza s’associent pour produire des parpaings à base d’argile non calcinée, en combinant le savoir-faire de Etcheingtza et la technologie du ciment MCC1© de Materrup.